Journey to change my body

Since my beautiful 2 kids were born, I completely fell off of my routine to maintain any form of physical activity.

Back then (about 5 years ago), I did few marathons, triathlons, and regular crossfit workouts. I was under 200lbs.

Now, I'm hovering right under 230lb, and determined to make a change.

I just finished reading "Living with a Seal" by Jesse Itzler, and feel like a lazy piece of lard. I'm too soft. I need to toughen up my body, which I know will toughen me up mentally as well.

Today marks another beginning of my phsical transformation.

I knocked out 100 pushups, 100 leg raises, and packed for a 4 mile run to the office in the morning, and 4 mile run back home after work.

Let's get serious.

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