Magazine Reading Hack

#I almost gave up reading magazines.

Few years ago, I received an email from an airline, that my milage points were going to expire. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have enough to redeem a ticket.

However, I could redeem them for magazine subscriptions. As a result, I was able to subscribe over 10 mags. Subscription included Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, Macworld, etc.

After a few months, I collected a stash of over 40 magazines that I couldn’t catch up with...until this weekend. Here is my technique.

#Cut/Rip Out Table of Contents Page(s)

  • Circle articles with a marker/highlighter (preferably bright color) that you want to read.
  • Limit to less than 5 articles per magazine.

#Do Not Skim Through the Magazine

  • Go directly to the articles chosen.
  • Ignore the fancy advertisements and filler articles.
  • Read the chosen article(s) and move to the next.

#Throw the Magazine Away

Take notes or scan article into Evernote or other note capturing tool

  • Toss/recycle the magazine.
  • Using the steps above, I was able to go through 12 magazines under 2 hours feeling satisfied and no money (miles in this case) wasted.

That’s 10 mins per magazine...definite improvement from long magazine reading sessions, or just chucking them into the recycling bin...unread.

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